Tay Butler.

Toni in the Trap.

…No scapegoat but escaped GOAT

We hate racism

Take hope, and make quotes

They whitewash real facts with fake soap

Swallow propaganda…

Vomit out patriotism.

I used to hit the lake soaked

Now I’m sober with a eighth of smoke

Blue Cookie…

Baking dope at the book sale

…Throw a ‘Ki in the same hole where you put mail

We highlight to bag it faster.

Refresh ya browsers if it look stale

…Love and Jazz on a crooked scale,

The Metro Booming, so it shouldn’t fail

I’m never worried bout bruh and ‘nem cuz they wouldn’t tell

We never chase the Bluest Eye.

We didn’t read? That’s the truest lie

That’s why they target Drum and Spear with they suited spies

They wanna stop the current;

but it’s not a deterrent,

we fill the block and stir it…

A little Toni in the trap.

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