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Tay Butler is multi-disciplinary artist based in Houston, TX while studying in Fayetteville, AR. Currently an MFA candidate of the University of Arkansas’ Photography and Studio Art program, Tay received his BFA in Photography and Digital Media from the University of Houston. A multi-hyphenate who utilizes photography, collage, video, music, installation and performance to identify and confront history, migration, memory and identity. Tay begins with literature, folklore, national and local media, editorial materials, ephemera and historical documents. This content is then digitized, photographed, cut, clipped, extended, collaged, shrunk, enlarged, exposed, uncovered, repeated or redacted and placed into a new context. Constructing revisionist histories that are fictional but true, authentic yet imagined, these stories act like braids and weave together a rich tapestry that can last longer than human memory. 

Tay is building a portfolio of photography, video and performance exhibitions and installations in various spaces to include Project Row Houses and Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston to Modified Arts, Phoenix, AZ.


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